Sunday, September 18, 2011


While they raced on different surfaces and couldn't look more dissimilar, WINTER MEMORIES and ZENYATTA have given thoroughbred racing goosebumps.

There are some blog/twitter friends who don't agree with me, others that understand and share my need to compare great performances. I believe the electricity of the stretch run of the G.I Garden City on Saturday was just as powerful as the 2009 Breeders' Cup Classic, if not on the same magnificent stage.

Enjoy the replay of both and let me know what you think.


Racing Titbits said...

I can see your point of view.
The only thing that makes me err is that Thyskens' Theory is regarded in the UK as a tidy horse,something a little higher in class would have been hard to beat.

Amateurcapper said...

Hello 'Tidbits,

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave me a message.

I agree with your assessment of TT...I believe she'll thrive and achieve more than "tidy" status if trained on and returned to dirt, for which she's bred.

It wasn't that WINNTER MEMORIES won, it was the manner in which she did it, overcoming trouble at multiple points in the race.

I believe the riders and possibly the trainer of WINTER MEMORIES don't understand her. She wants to place herself but the riders seem to want to wrangle her back. What would be so wrong about letting her gallop along in a handy pressing/stalking position and then letting her roll?

Stop by again...I'll have a weekend poll up tonight.

Brian Appleton said...

You're not going to believe this Rob...I said the same exact thing to my Mom after I watched the race!
Winter Memories blew me away with that performance, second to none!

Amateurcapper said...


Thanks as always for stopping by and commenting.

I'm not surprised, great minds think alike ;-)!

For WM to be so nimble despite all the trouble she encountered (again)...that was what stood out. To shift lanes after being steadied takes one skill set, then she showed the otherworldly ability to quicken instantaneously once in the clear. I've never seen a horse put all that together in one race.

I'm on the edge of my seat imagining what she'll do next!

Brian Appleton said...

I sure hope so, I like the sound of that! :)

That's so true Rob, and the fact that they were halfway through the homestretch when she switched out is astounding. I heard she got her final 1/8 in under 11! I've never seen that happen before.

How do you feel about her most likely skipping the Breeders' Cup?

Amateurcapper said...

I'm not surprised about her skipping the 'Cup. There's a big difference in maturity from three to four and STACELITA looks formidable in addition to any other Euros. Plus, to try 1 3/8 for the first time in the F&M Turf is a tall task. All the 3y.o. turf races for fillies are 1 1/8 miles...QEII Cup up next at that trip @ Kee? Then shut her down and race her as a 4y.o.

Selfishly, I want to watch her in the F&M Turf next year at Santa'll be 1 1/4 miles on a firm turf course. That could be her signature performance.

Brian Appleton said...

I was initially very surprised to see they would be skipping the Breeders' Cup, but that was before I took the time to realize the distance issues.
I do think it would be interesting to see her in the Mile. She won the Appalachain going a mile to begin 2011 with a terrific kick and that was before she was as sharp as she is now. I think her turn of foot is second to none of our American horses and would even go so far as to say I'd pick her as a close second to Goldikova in the Mile. She has excellent tactical speed, breaks well and usually places herself forwardly. All things I think would make her a good candidate for the Mile.

I am looking forward to seeing her run again next year, especially if she targets the BC at the end of the year.